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Imagine and Dream… two words that best describe the mind of this poet.  An avid lover of the written word, Mary has penned many poems of various genres since the age of seven, having first been published by nine.
Mary grew up reading, watching, loving anything horror; Her darkside so to speak.  Classic authors, whose pens have etched greatness in works that not only create shivers down the spine but inspire movement of the soul — Such remarkable writers as Poe, Shakespeare, Browning, Gibran, just to name a few, gave Mary that special element that drives every poet to place their essence upon parchment.  This became the ethereal foundation of her poetic form.
Writing as such gave way to countless poems/prose and other works, many of which found publication in anthologies.  Today she has not merely found a new voice but added an intrinsic octave to her repertoire; The genre of Horror, both poetic and fiction.
Mary’s poetry has been described as mystical, melodic, flowing with a unique grace that at times has been likened to the old world poets. 
Her horror poetry has been deemed as “Poe-esque” by many.
She has most recently been accepted for publication in four horror anthologies, “Cellar Door”, “Bones”, “Satan’s Holiday” and “Welcome To Your Nightmare”.
In addition to being in print, Mary’s poetry is featured in “The Wicked Library” Season 3 podcast, available on iTunes.
She has now joined the ranks of Wee Willie Wicked and Fester Bones here on Staying Scared.  Her alter ego, Nighty Nightmare will keep your bones rattling and your teeth chattering in horror and delight.
Pay her a visit – She’d love to have you.
Hmm…  Perhaps for a bite or two…
Mary is working on a personal website, tupelohoneyhugger.com.
Presently, you will find her at www.facebook.com/MaryGenevieveFortierWriter.















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